The innovative Qilta system is patent-pending and includes garments, a delivery device and our formula.

Qilta socks and sleeves incorporate a specially developed twin-layer system. The inner layer contains the Qilta formula and holds it against the skin allowing it to be absorbed over a number or hours. The outer layer repels the lotion which avoids external leakage and ensures no wastage.



Our formula has 3 key ingredients, carefully selected to help moisturise, cool, and maintain feet and limbs in optimal condition:


  1. The first key ingredient is Menthol which has been traditionally for its abilities to cool areas to which its applied, relieve fatigued limbs and has also been shown to have antimicrobial activity.
  2. The second key ingredient is dimethyl sulfone which occurs naturally. Studies have shown regular usage can help maintain the health of joints and reduce stiffness. Unlike the instant immediate benefit of menthol on contact, the impact of dimethyl sulfone is more gradual, long-lasting, aiding recovery.
  3. The third essential ingredient is plant-derived glycerine which is used to intensely moisturise skins. Well hydrated limbs are less prone to problems that amateur and professional athletes may commonly suffer from with their calves and feet.


Our patent-pending system makes use of breathable garments alongside a moisturiser to enhance penetrability of the moisturiser into the skin, which is a proven technique that has been used to hydrate skin for decades, but has not yet been used in such a manner as the Qilta system provides.


Through rigorous skin hydration tests, independently assessed by dermatologists, we have proven that Qilta continues to hydrate areas applied for 24 hours after application.

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