User Trials

At Qilta we know that proof depends on the science in the lab, as well as science in the field.


    Since 2018 we have trialed Qilta on athletes from 14 countries, taking part in wider array of sports, across diverse terrains, all to help ensure that the product we bring to you has been optimized in every way.

      We have trialed Qilta on over 400 athletes from amateur runners and triathletes to professionals at the top of their game including Patrycja Bereznowska, former female IAU world champion.



        Our largest user trial study was undertaken to determine overall performance of Qilta across 89 participants. It was a multinational study analyzed independently by an analyst external to Qilta Ltd. 60% of participants were male and 40% were female.




        • 77% agreed their recovery and return to training / exercise was improved




        • 99% of athletes experienced instant targeted relief to areas applied
        • 97% felt soothing and cooling impact on limbs
        • 93% described feeling immediately refreshed and recharged
        • 92% felt limbs were moisturized




        • 100% of athletes would recommend Qilta to family and friends
        • 98% of athletes would use Qilta again
        • 95% of athletes found the Qilta system easy to use


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