What is Qilta?

Qilta is a patent pending system for conveniently applying our formula to the inner surface of specially engineered, twin-layer socks and sleeves, which can then be worn when desired before or after sporting activities. They help reduce discomfort, improve performance and aid recovery by keeping your lower limbs in optimal condition.

How does Qilta work?

After application, the specially developed sports formula sits on the inner surface of Qilta socks and sleeves, until worn on your feet and calves. This delivery method is proven to maximise absorption of the formula and benefits of Qilta detailed below.


Why should I use Qilta?

Using Qilta prior to sporting activities, moisturises and increases skin flexibility ensuring you are in optimal condition for your event. Well hydrated feet are less prone to common ailments that athletes suffer from preventing optimum performance.

When applied after sporting activities, Qilta provides an instant cooling and gives immediate relief and faster post event recovery.

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How do I know Qilta works?

Qilta has been tested extensively in the lab and on over 400 athletes worldwide. In our largest singer user trial on 89 athletes, 77% found Qilta reduced their recovery time and return to sports, 99% of athletes experienced instant targeted relief to areas applied and 95% found the system easy to use. 

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How did Qilta come about?

Many people suffer from discomfort in the feet and lower limbs and this ailment is often exaggerated by participation in sports such as walking, running and endurance sports. One method of alleviating these symptoms is the application of creams or lotions to the affected areas. Applying creams can be a tiring, unpleasant and messy operation resulting in hands covered in cream along with transfer of cream to the floor or other surrounds.

We at Qilta looked at this problem and asked was there a way of applying a cream to feet and lower limbs that could maximise absorption without the accompanying mess, wastage and inconvenience.

To do this we developed a system of applying the moisturiser to the inner surface of specially developed twin layer socks and sleeves which are subsequently worn, allowing the lotion to be absorbed gradually by the skin while you go about your daily routine. We have applied for patent protection for this.

The inner absorbent layer holds the moisturising lotion against the skin allowing maximal absorption by the skin while the outer layer contains the lotion preventing any unwanted leakage. The Qilta formula was developed to be capable of being applied in the precise amounts needed, by our bespoke spray head while cooling, intensely moisturizing, providing instant targeted relief, reducing recovery times and ultimately improving sports performance.