• Kerry GAA: All Ireland Champions ’22, runners up ’23 - Player comments

    “I didn’t cramp in my calves when I used Qilta”.
    “Gave some relief to Aches and pains post training”.
    “Impact on recovery and return to training was brilliant”.
    “Helped with recovery”.
    “Blister prevention. Skin feeling soothed and cooled”.
    “Good for recovery”.
    “Relieved tension in the calves and made me feel more refreshed & lighter for training”
    “Skin and muscles felt cooled when applied. Legs felt recovered after sessions”.
    “Intense recovery on calves and feet. Areas felt very hydrated & cooled”.
    “Skin feeling intensely moisturised & hydrated after application”.
    “Skin feeling soothed & cooled upon Qilta application”.
    “Skin felt soothed after use, calves felt fresh and loose after use”.

  • 2022 IRFU – Ireland Women’s 7’s Trial:Player comments

    “I found Qilta quickly cooled feet and calves post exercise, improving recovery”

    “Muscles felt recovered”

    “Skin felt cool and soothed, relief was felt in my feet and calf, they also aided my recovery”

    “Shin pain relief and calf doms improvement were the main areas I found I liked them”

    “Could notice a difference in the feeling when I took them off…

    The cooling effect helped me when I was away on competition”

    “Targeted relief for aches”

  • Kerry GAA Senior Ladies Team

    " Felt a definite improvement on pains in calves after using the sleeves. Improved recovery time for calves also.

    Feet felt moisturised after use.

    Helped relieve tight calves. Skin was extremely smooth and moisturised. The cooling effect while wearing them was brilliant after training and matches in the warm weather.

    Feet felt very soft after wearing the socks for a few hours, especially soft after wearing them over night. Hard skin around big toes softened. Calves loosened a nice bit after application.

    Recovery in these areas was sped up using the socks and sleeves.
    Feet and calves feel very moisturised and reenergised after application.

    Great for recovery after training/matches

Gavin white, Kerry GAA

All Ireland Winner ’22
All Stars Winner ’22

Finalist ‘23.

Qilta has allowed me to compete at the highest level when it comes to preparation and recovery pre and post training and matches. Its unique design has given me huge confidence when it comes to making sure my body is right when it comes to the demands of inter county football. During the summer, I found the impact of games took a lot out of my body, especially my calf’s and hamstrings. The use of Qilta’s garments in these areas meant I was able to recover a lot quicker so that I am ready to train and compete on a regular basis, without the need to worry about injuries and recovery.