• Qilta is scientifically proven to cool, intensely moisturize and provide instant targeted relief to areas applied, with demonstrated benefit in user trials to speed up recovery and return to training.
  • The natural environment is very important to us and our athletes’ wellbeing and as such we take an eco-conscious approach to everything we do at Qilta, from our vegan friendly formula to our recyclable and reusable packaging.




In our international user trial with 89 participants

  • 99% of athletes experienced instant targeted relief to areas applied
  • 97% felt the soothing and cooling impact
  • 93% described feeling immediately refreshed and recharged
  • 92% felt moisturized
  • 76% felt Qilta improved their wellbeing




Doug Stewart – UK

TM Coaching, MSc Performance Coaching, Ironman Certified Coach, Training Peaks Level 2 Coach, UESCA Ultra Running Coach, XTRI WORLD TOUR ATHLETE AND 2019 & 2021 UTMB COMPETITOR


“Overall, I have been extremely impressed by Qilta and they will become a crucial part of my recovery strategy for hard training and racing going forward."
"The cooling sensation is extremely welcome, especially after hot days, and soothes the tired muscles.  Another benefit I have found has been in relation to my feet. I hadn't previously focussed too much on foot recovery, but the Qiltas have been a revelation in helping my feet

Ellen Vitting – Ireland

Adventure Athlete of the Year 2021, Winner of the Quest Irish Series, Winner of the Expert Women Category 2021, BMW Triathlete of the Year ‘18 Irish Adventure Athlete of the year ‘19

“I compete in multisport events and love spending long hours running in the mountain’s so recovery and recovery time in particular is key to maintaining my lifestyle and avoiding injury."
"I use Qilta socks and sleeves to prepare for events or sometimes just to help the recovery from long training days. They are cooling and soothing and make the legs feel instantly refreshed. Their moisturising quality is also great to protect against blisters and keep the feet comfortable."

Linda Clarke – Ireland

Six Star Abbott World Marathon Majors Athlete

“I can honestly say calves were not crampy or twitchy like they normally are after a marathon and the cool menthol in the socks definitely helped my foot."


"This product is a dream to a non-professional like me that sometimes finds training can be hard.”
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