Our Story


“We believe in genuine innovation that enables athletes to conveniently maintain their bodies in optimal condition, maximise wellbeing and enhance sports performance” 


The Qilta concept was born from a challenge our founder faced, of experiencing dry and sore feet during multiple sports, particularly swimming. Creams, and gels can help, but they can be messy to apply leading to wastage, hard to incorporate into routine and exhausting to rub in at the end of a tough training or sports session.

Entrepreneurial by nature, through research he found that this was a widespread problem among athletes from all backgrounds. Through friend and family contacts, he then assembled an expert team of professionals with the pharmaceutical, public health, design, engineering and financial expertise to bring a genuine solution to market.

What followed was 5 years of Research and Development, that resulted in a scientifically proven, patent pending Qilta system that has been tested in the lab, but also with over 400 athletes, across 14 countries in diverse terrains and the most demanding of conditions.   

We were fortunate to work with World-leading athletes, such as Patrycja Bereznowska, Ultra Distance Runner and Jason Black, Ultra Cyclist and Mountaineer whose feedback at Professional level in extreme environments was invaluable. We attended many events throughout Europe , such as SwedemanXTri, Ultra Serra Celano, Italy and Wicklow 100 to place Qilta into the hands of Elite athletes, and trialled Qilta at ISPO Open Innovation, to optimise this final product.

We are a very small team based across Ireland, the UK and Italy but connected by our Irish roots and our desire to improve the wellbeing of athletes, to support them in preparation, tapering and recovery, and ultimately enhance their ability to compete and their performance.