• Great results aren’t just down to great training. They happen because of great recovery from training.

  • Qilta helps you prepare for training and competition by intensely moisturising your feet and calves keeping them in optimal condition. Well hydrated feet are less prone to common ailments and injuries that can prevent optimum performance.
  • Qilta helps you recover after training and competition by cooling, soothing, hydrating and providing targeted relief to your lower limbs, enabling a swift return to training.

      In our international user trial with 89 participants

    • 77% of athletes confirmed Qilta reduced their recovery time.




    Flo Reichart – Germany 

    National Squad WMRA Nations Cup Italy 2021, Transalpine 2021, Arc’teryx Brand Ambassador and VW Tourag R Brand Ambassador
    "I’m convinced of the benefits of Qilta socks and calves. After multi hours of running I didn’t feel the fatigue and tiredness as strong as without the product. This is especially true for the feet: I found that the socks help my feet stay strong, smooth, blister-free."
    "I’m especially convinced of the good recovery value of Qilta. I experienced that only wearing the socks and calves for two hours immediately after a long workout or competition left me with a good and recovered feeling the day after. Ergo I was able to train more/harder the next day.”

    Ian Doyle – Ireland 

    Adventure Runner
    "I followed the plan and found the Qilta socks and sleeves very cooling and comfortable. I ran the race at a fast pace and pushed myself hard through a tough 32k course which included a mountain climb in which my feet and calves felt no niggles." 
    "Normally my legs would be very sore after but I found the recovery easy and my feet felt soft. One of my friends who ran with me had blisters all over the soles of his feet. The recovery socks really cooled and relaxed my feet and leg.” 
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