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It seems to me that they are excellent products. I felt the sensation of relief in my feet and calves quite clearly. I think they can be a valuable addition to a “recovery package.”

I believe that the strength of Qilta is precisely the combination of the two zones. The possibility of separating socks and calf sleeves also allows to graduate recovery based on the discipline practiced and intensity of effort. Great idea!

Excellent feeling of comfort and “lightness.” After a challenging trail the muscles are put to the test. I often use compression socks after the race, but I‘ve never tried two complementary products.


100% of people experienced absolutely zero negative effects from our product

94% strongly agree and 6% agree that using the Qilta socks and calf sleeves benefits post race recovery 

16% found the socks on their own useful and 16% found the calf sleeves useful, but 64% found using them together most useful

39% felt the benefits of Qilta immediately on wearing with the other 61% saying they felt it within 10 minutes

55% strongly agree and 45% agree that using the Qilta socks and calf sleeves should be part of after-race  kits for athletes

Most people (52%) wore  Qilta products for more than three hours. 48%  wore them for under  three hours