"My name is Roisin Byrne and I am first and foremost a professional physical therapist, with a side of ultra running and being a mother.
When I signed up to race the Raw Ultra Wicklow Way 50 miler, the very lovely Don Hannon, who does a stellar job of organising this ultra for us every year, got in contact with me about Qilta’s recovery wear and I haven’t turned back since!
I was gifted 2 pairs of Qilta recovery socks and sleeves to test out before and after the race
As a professional physical therapist, with my own clinic, I spend most of my time on my feet. So, recovery for me is vital! Having completed the Ultra on the Sunday, I needed to ensure I would be ready for work on Monday. I jumped at the opportunity to test the socks and sleeves out when Don got in contact, in my line of business we see a lot of “quick fixes” for recovery/rehabilitation, so I was excited when someone experienced with ultra’s and recovery after ultra’s told me about Qilta’s product and how it seemed to work well for them.
I wore one set of the calf sleeves and socks for an hour a night leading up to the big event, in turn it ensured I took the weight off my feet after a hard day in work! I also found that I was waking up less fatigued and my lower legs and feet were less fatigued. This was after wearing them for an hour an evening when I got home from work and training.
So far so good! They also smell amazing which was a pleasant change from my children’s running socks!
When the day of the race came, I was feeling fresh and ready to take on the Wicklow Way, after a week of work (approx. 6 days, all full days including some light training and gym work) I hadn’t expected to feel so ready, and I absolutely must thank Qilta socks and sleeves for helping me prep.
After 50, long, hard miles. my lower legs and feet still felt okay, I was of course fatigued as were my legs, but my lower legs were definitely fresher than my upper.
I quickly changed into my socks and sleeves and a fresh pair of runners for the drive home. When I got home, I checked my feet over and I hadn’t got one blister. This is because the socks and sleeves have a cream inside them that helps keep your skin and muscles supple and soft, which in turn will help prevent cramping, tight facial tissue and blisters. Before I even tried the socks and sleeves for recovery, they had me in better shape than I was after last years event!
After a quick bath with some magnesium salts (another must for recover for me) I popped them on to see how I would get on with using them for recovery. After about an hour and a half, I took them off and went to bed as I was of course, up early for work! My clients need me to be in top for so I can treat them adequately and to the best of my ability, if I’m tired and my body hasn’t recovered well enough, I won’t be able to work for at least a day, and we all know time is money when you own your own business.
I slept great, and woke up feeling refreshed, I had slept much better than I usually do post race. Got out of bed and was surprised to find my feet were completely fine, and I felt like I had done max. a 5km training run the day before.
I can’t recommend enough these socks and calf sleeves to anyone who is a professional who works on their feet all day, be it as a healthcare professional or otherwise, amateur and professional athletes a like enough. They truly helped with my prep and recovery and as a physical therapist I can be quite sceptical when it comes to products that are advertised for recovery.
The Qilta team have done an amazing job here, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to try out their prep and recovery wear. Thanks so much to the whole team for helping me get to work the next day blister and pain free! It was a dream to work with you guys on this. 
Special thanks to Don Hannon for providing me with the extra socks and sleeves at the finish because I forgot mine!
Roisin Byrne, IAPT
Physical Therapist,
Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, Ireland