TESTIMONIAL FROM ALASTAIR HIGGINS, Scottish Athletics Team member, based in Ireland


"I first became aware of Qilta when I was given them as a prize after finishing 2nd in the 2018 Wexford Marathon. At the time I was not fully aware of how to use them but I can happily report that they aided my recovery from the 153 mile Spartathlon Ultra Marathon in September later in the year. 

In early 2019 I sat down with Jim from Qilta and got the full story and a few more pairs to try out. After hearing how to use them ahead of races and after races I was keen give them a proper try. 
With the Irish 50km Championships coming up in Donadea I used the socks and calf sleeves before of the event to cool, relax and soften my feet. Race day came and I was feeling fresh and ready to go. As expected I achieved a PB time (despite messing up my pacing a bit!). I was also fortunate to finish in 3rd place. I then put on my third pair of Qilta socks right after the race to hasten my recovery. 
Usually after an event like this I would be hobbling around for a few days but after 24 hours I was feeling great- I could have run that day but decided to be extra cautious and hold off a bit. Two days after Donadea I was raring to go and despite some tender quads and hamstrings I was back into full training again. As for my calves? No pain or tenderness whatsoever.
I am a high volume/high mileage runner and my main concern is getting injured and having to take time out of training. Qilta socks have already helped me bounce back from races and I look forward to helping them achieve my goals in 2019." 
Alastair Higgins- Scottish Athletics Team member, based in Ireland.