In September ‘18, Qilta were honoured in sponsoring and supporting Alex O’Shea in his record-breaking challenge of 32 Marathons in 15 days. We recently caught up with Alex to review his thoughts on Qilta and how the product worked for him.


What was your experience of Qilta?

“My experience is based on personal use during my successful completion running 32 marathons in 32 counties in 15 & 1/2 Days.  It was great to speak with and meet members of Qilta before my challenge to address any questions I had & discuss how best to utilize Qilta into my pre-event, event & recovery.

While I don't have science to back up my experience, I do have the physical result that I achieved what many said was not possible”

Do you attribute Qilta to this success?

 “My schedule was very precise and as you can imagine a plan was put in place and we had a very tight schedule. Qilta was part of this plan. After running two marathons in a day I would eat, wash, prep for the next day. Then just before bed I would put on the Qilta sleeve & socks. This controlled any possible swelling added a compression, antibacterial and cooling.

This helped cool, control inflammation and help relax the body to capitalize on the few hours rest.

After a few days and multiple marathons on different surfaces the inevitable happened and I encountered a blister or two.

This could have been a worrying factor if I had time to worry, instead it was dress them and get on with things. Then that night after the application of Qilta socks overnight I would get up the next morning and witness a 90% improvement the feet had benefited hugely.

This was a cycle I would repeat day after day with Qilta going on every night returning my feet to very good condition. The picture below is near the end of the challenge with toes padded for the marathon ahead. so, considering the miles ran it was remarkable to end with my feet in such good condition!

Do you believe Qilta helped?

“Yes, I believe so!”

Alex O Shea
Irish international ultra-runner
Guinness world record holder: 1st man to complete a Marathon wearing a fireman's suit
Thank you Alex for your review of Qilta and the part it played in achieving your goals!