Yvonne Naughton is an Ultra runner who represents Ireland at international level and raced the best in the world to win the Raw Ultra Wicklow Way 100 Mile event in 23 hours on the 7/8th Dec.

“I would definitely use the products again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others.”

Here is Yvonne’s testimony of her event and use of Qilta.

"I used the Qilta socks and calf sleeves pre and post Wicklow Way 100,December 2018.  For two nights prior to the race I wore a pair of each item putting them on in the evening and leaving them on overnight. After the race I wore the items that evening, again leaving them on overnight.  

Both socks and calf sleeves are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I immediately felt a cooling sensation from the cream application which lasted an hour or slightly more.  Both items were comfortable to wear to bed. After the first wear the skin on both my feet and lower extremities felt soft and hydrated. While I didn’t have any particular muscle achiness or tightness prior to wearing the items my legs still felt generally refreshed, especially after the second day.

The race had extremely wet weather and my feet were exposed to a lot of ground water. However, I did not develop any blisters or significant hot spots that required me to change my socks or shoes. After the race I didn’t have any macerated skin despite nearly 23 hours of running in these conditions and I didn’t have a single blister or hot spot. After cleaning my feet and legs I put on another pair of socks and sleeves.  The cooling effect was extremely pleasant on my tired extremities. I wore the items overnight and the next morning my feet felt refreshed and looked like I’d never even run the day before. While the items do not provide compression, my lower extremities seemed less swollen than if I had not used them.

In general, I found the product comfortable to wear. I think the cream application helped to hydrate my skin which may have helped in preventing hot spots and blisters. My leg and foot muscles also felt refreshed and relaxed in general and this was particularly apparent after the race. I would definitely use the products again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others."







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