Joe Roche: 1st place winner in the Ireland Funds 5K and Wrinkles: The Dog


"My name is Joe Roche, I’m a 30-year-old casual runner from South Dublin with a recent RB of 35mins for a 10km and 16:20 for a 5km race. As a speed-focused distance runner (who lives at the foot of Killiney Hill, incidentally) even short bursts can cause a high degree of stress.

 I started running to improve my focus and emotional wellbeing but this can be difficult when you’re debating your fitness over small knocks. The difference between being injured and hurt comes to mind. I came across Qilta through a trusted business associate, Neil Cushen of Eishtec, when I mentioned I sometimes had lower leg, ankle strain post-run. He encouraged me to check out Qilta, an Irish company looking to do work magic with at-home recovery wear.

 Working in marketing, I approach product claims with trepidation but I was pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of my three trial pairs. Below are the details of the trial runs and after effects.


7km | Killiney to Dalkey via the Vico Road and Killiney Hill

Hills. Hills. Hills. My route begins at the foot of Killiney Hill and forces a climb with incline that gradually sharpens and sudden stops. Right around Bono’s (yes, yes, U2 frontman) house, the burning sensation grows very strong and continues to until you hit the summit. 

Nothing quite compares, however, to the gliding sensation achieved after cresting the hill. Qilta socks offer a similar experience post run. An almost immediate soothing sensation washes over your ankles, knees and shins and, if you’re so inclined, your wrists and forearms. 

Short, strong distances are my modus operandi and it was great to have recovery wear that acts as fast as those runs last (humblebrag)

12km | IFSC to Dun Laoghaire

A 12km run that feels like 5km by comparison to the Killiney to Dalkey run. Entirely flat, very good for high-pace semi-sprinting. Wrapping around Dublin’s coastline by way of the Eastlink Bridge with intermittent sea air blasts to keep your focus.

I consider myself somewhat neanderthal when it comes to running. I don’t monitor anything, I don’t check distances – everything is by intuition. When you’re running a long flat course, if you run like me, you lose track and can wind up overdoing it.

Qilta socks are a perfect buffer for minor high-pace strains I pick up on courses like this.

20km | IFSC to Killiney

Commuting from the City Centre to the suburbs on public transit is more challenging than running the distance from a mental perspective. This run is a combination of both of the above, albeit a little bit more direct through Sallynoggin as opposed to the coast road. 

One big uphill in Dun Laoghaire at the 13km mark offers a big challenge and begins to burn near the summit. There are odd inclines but outside the big hill, distance and time are your only enemies. Longer distance runs like this often left me feeling stiff. Qilta significantly reduced the immediate and longer term aches that one might feel after a distance like this. 


Review in Summary

Qilta Socks are stylish, soothing and suitable for myriad applications. Having trialled two pairs after 7km, 12km and 20km respectively, the reduction in post-run tension is remarkable. I am excited to make Qilta recovery wear an every-day tune up. 


Try using the sleeves on your forearms. Having recently gotten surgery, a reduction in stress after mat exercises was much needed and offered by Qilta sleeves "

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