Angelo Marrocco is a Partner in Qilta Co and an avid marathon/ ultra-runner who takes on many challenges throughout the year.

When Angelo was first approached about the concept of wearing recovery socks after a running event, he more than most appreciated the value of such a product. Angelo was instrumental in highlighting the need for Calf sleeves and continues to extend our product use into this area.

Angelo, now resident near Monza, on the foothills of the Italian Alps competes regularly in Ultra events and this is his report of competing in such an event at Lake Como up into the Alps.


“Trofeo Dario e Willy” a 23K Sky Race with 2,000 m climb.

 “Why do we do it?

This is the question I kept asking me yesterday while climbing in the pre-Alps just above lake Como in Italy. After I ran a successful Milan City Marathon on the 7th of April and beating my PR, I felt ready for a new challenge and signed up for the “Trofeo Dario e Willy” a 23K Sky Race with 2,000 m climb.

The day was going to be tough, very tough, the biggest challenge was the lack of specific training.



The cut off times were particularly challenging, the first was just after 1 hour and 45 minutes to climb more than 1km in around 6km. To my surprise I reach the top of the first ascent in just 1 hour and 17 minutes.  During the first descent I tried to run as fast as possible at this stage my legs were still in good shape and I really enjoyed this part.  I managed to catch up with a lot of runners and this improved my confidence.  

I ran comfortably for the first 20k and after the last big climb I was mentally expecting an easy descent but I was wrong, very wrong, the steepest descent ever within rocks and loose gravel.

My poor feet and legs were screaming to stop but I had to endure the pain and finish the race. 

This is the moment when I thought: “Why do I do it !! ?

At the end of the descent we arrive to the lake and we run along the lake for 200m before crossing the finish line.   Great race, very challenging and happy to have managed to successfully finish it, now I remember why I do it.


We even had the opportunity to take a shower and when I looked at my feet and they were in such a poor state!   I had a set of Qilta socks and calf sleeves that I immediately put on after the shower.

I kept Qilta on as I drove home and after a few hours my feet and lower legs were as good as new, absolutely amazing sensation !.”







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