First off I am not being paid in any way to give my review of this product I was introduced to Jim through a mutual friend and he asked me to try Qilta out and give him my honest opinion on them..........so here goes!

I was initially sent x2 sets of the socks & calf sleeves for use during a normal weeks triathlon training (usually 10-14hrs). To over simplify a description of them they are basically a 3 layered compression fabric with the middle lair coated/soaked in what seems like some sort of menthol lotion, so you slip on the socks then slide the calf sleeve's on above them and that's it your good to go. A letter that came with them noted that you receive the best benefit when using them straight after training for up to an hour and at that stage you have received the full benefit of them.

So I waited until my longer workouts at the weekend before using the first set,

Day 1 was a long run on the Saturday, I got home after the run threw them on and pottered around the house making myself something to eat & drink before sitting down to eat and throwing my legs up on the chair beside me. My legs definitely felt fresher than normal when I was going about my normal day to day stuff afterwards but I wasn't fully convinced that it was down to the Qilta garments and just put it down to maybe not pushing hard during my run. 

Day 2 was a long cycle followed by an off the bike short brick run, Again I finished training got home and threw them on this time I didn't have to make myself something to eat because my darling wife had food ready for me (",) Today's workout was much longer and heading off shopping afterwards for the day (which explains the food being ready for me) I knew that there definitely was something to these garments, my calves and feet felt fresh unlike my quads which were stiff and aching from the accumulated lactate. "

So bottom line is;  Do they work?  Yes, They definitely make a difference and with a lot of sport coming down to marginal gains nowadays, recovery is number 1. The only downside I could see to them was while they were great for speeding up recovery for my calves and feet I do wish they had some sort of sleeve or wrap available to also take care of the quad and hamstring area.

We all know about the expensive air pump leg/body massage systems that are available but apart from the price they involve you having to plug in the machine & lay down until the cycle is complete, whereas with the Qilta you can slip them on and still move around and do what you need to do while still receiving recovery benefits.   





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