I have to praise Jim and his team at Qilta. This product does exactly what it says. A simple but very effective product and without it I don’t think I could have made it through my training for my 5th Abbott marathon major star.


Tokyo was my 5th marathon since last September and by God did I struggle with Plantar fasciitis all of last year , so much so every day walking was a major problem for me.


Yes I know I should have rested it like what professional advice I was given but other fellow athletes will agree it’s hard to as nothing seem to ease the pain or alleviate the condition . So for me there was no option but to keep running through the pain. Expert advice said I wouldn’t do any lasting damage on my wonky foot. So me being my stubborn self was never going to give up on my dream of getting nearer to the Abbott World Major Marathon Medal.


I did as Jim advised and wore both the socks and sleeves two days before the marathon and then another new pair after the marathon. I wore them to bed as during the day I had a lot of sightseeing on in Tokyo.

I can honestly say calves were not crampy or twitchy like they normally are after a marathon and the cool menthol in the socks definitely helped my foot. I do firmly believe Qilta socks and sleeves reduced the usual swelling in my foot and the cool socks eased that achy pain.

I am now back training for Boston in a matter of weeks and I can tell you I don’t think  I would be as fresh back at Imy training so soon after a marathon without Qilta products.

Many thanks guys! This product is a dream to a non professional like me that sometimes finds training can be hard.






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