As we cross the 4 corners of the globe on our mission to bring you the perfect Qilta products, our friend Adam from Boulder, Colorado (USA) shared his experience.

Adam runs a busy chiropractic clinic just outside of Boulder and says that “Plantar fasciitis is a miserable and slow recovery process hampered by biomechanical, traumatic, and repetitive stress”. Having tried various other therapies and remedies, such as KT tape and  use of a night splint to help, Adam noted that while these worked well enough when used independently,  “when I included the Qilta sock I  found greater success in managing the inflammation, accelerated recovery, and positive effects overall.”

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Adam! We hope you and your patients reap the QILTA benefits on the road to recovery.


Images of Plantar Fasciitis affected areas (source: Wikipedia)