"I am a busy working Mom and try and train as much as possible every week. I love racing and in particular triathlon, trail running and adventure racing all of which results in a very tired body which needs help to recover between these events. I often struggle to recover properly due to the high volume of training and events that I participate in.

I was approached by Jim from Qilta in late 2018, when I was struggling to recover from Dublin Marathon with a foot injury and he explained the Qilta product to me. The product sounded interesting and exactly what I needed.

Qilta have supported me in the run up to the 2019 season and I have started to use their socks and calf sleeves for a number of events, most recently the Quest Kenmare adventure race. I used 3 sets of Qilta, 2 days preceding and one pair immediately after the event. I participated in the 79km expert route, which consisted of cycling 60km of hilly backroads, running 18km of mostly trails and a 1km Kayak (which due to very poor weather conditions was cancelled).

I used the socks and calf sleeves before of the event and after. I kept them on overnight the two days preceding the event. I find them comfortable to sleep in and I woke with my feet feeling soft and relaxed. Legs were feeling refreshed and rearing to go the morning of the event, which started on the bike so immediately the pace was pretty fast and furious. It was an extremely tough day given the weather conditions as competitors were battered by winds and driving rain throughout the race. Very happy to come away with a win and 8th overall in the expert category. Immediately after the event I changed into dry clothes and put on a pair of the Qilta socks and sleeves to help with the recovery. I love the immediate cooling effect they have and despite having picked up some fairly bad cuts and bruises the product did not sting or burn in any way.

I woke the next day feeling physically tired but with surprisingly fresh legs. I decided to go for a short easy run and my legs felt good, a bit tired and the hamstrings felt tight but no pain or tightness in the calves. I cannot praise the product enough for their help in preparing and in the post race recovery.

I am so grateful for Qilta’s support this year, I have found their product an immense help in the preparation and recovery for events. I am looking forward to using their product as I aim to complete my first Ultra trail race in the Azores in May this year."