• The socks and sleeves can be prepared in advance for quick and easy application after training or competition. Put them on and immediately enjoy the benefits of the instant cooling. Feel comfortable knowing that your journey to recovery has already begun.
  • The socks and sleeves can be worn while you continue your routine daily activities or relax in the evening. Start your recovery on the drive home.
  • The socks and sleeves are reusable for years, simple recoat with the Qilta formula and you are ready to go whenever you need it.
  • They allow mess-free applicationand the twin layer sock is specifically designed to maximise absorption of formula ensuring maximal impact with no wastage.
  • Qilta is designed so it can seamlessly be incorporated in your sports routine. Seal up the waterproof bag with socks and formula and stuff them in with the rest of your sports gear.

    In trials:

    • 95% of athletes found the Qilta system easy to use.
    • 100% of athletes would recommend Qilta.
    • 98% of athletes would use Qilta again.

    Andy Harrington  Ireland



    “They definitely make a difference and with a lot of sport coming down to marginal gains nowadays, recovery is number one."

    "We all know about the expensive air pump leg/body massage systems that are available but apart from the price they involve you having to plug in the machine & lay down until the cycle is complete, whereas with the Qilta you can slip them on and still move around and do what you need to do while still receiving recovery benefits.”


    Shaun Stewart – Ireland

    UTMB 2021, Multi-Sport Adventure Athlete/ Ultra Trail Runner

    "I normally try to visit the sea to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, yet this is not always possible, and I’ve found the Qilta products to be so convenient, especially for anyone on time constraints or travelling to and from races."



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