Marie Meldrum from Scotland participates in CycleX, Ultra running and Extreme Triathlon.

Having won numerous extreme triathlon events, Marie holds the record for having finished 5 Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon with 5 Blue finishes indicating her achieving in the top tier https://cxtri.com/

We met Marie at Swedman Extreme Triathlon www.swextri.com and asked her opinion on using Qilta.




Did you find Qilta Socks and Calf Sleeves helped your post-race recovery?

"I agree strongly, I put them on after the race and kept them on overnight in bed. They felt nice and cold and smelled fresh. Mentally and physically I felt a huge improvement to the way I normally feel after a race. My legs and feet felt amazing I believe this was due to wearing the socks."

What do you think is most useful?

"Qilta socks AND calf sleeves together. For running, personally I prefer just the socks. For recovery I recommend then both. I wish there were full length leg warmer versions... for after bike rides too"

Would you consider using Qilta as part of your race recovery routine?

"Strongly Agree, Yes, always"

I noticed that my Qilta socks / calf sleeves started working effectively?

"Immediately! The cold, smooth feel on my legs soothed them straight away. It felt better for recovery than a leg massage or some of the Thai recovery massages I've had after endurance races. I wish I'd know about these before now. I wore them overnight. They were really fresh and comforting."